A Concise Introduction to the New Testament: Bridging the Gap between the Seminary and the Church - Michael Adegbola

A Concise Introduction to the New Testament: Bridging the Gap between the Seminary and the Church

By Michael Adegbola

  • Release Date: 2019-11-21
  • Genre: Religion & Spirituality
  • Size: 248.74 KB

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The book is an attempt to provide a concise introduction to all the books of the New Testament, while it serves as a guide to Christians and pastors in the acquisition of the knowledge, and preaching exegetically from, the New Testament corpus.

It is aimed at bridging the gap between the Seminary and the Church by providing a comprehensive, yet simple Introduction to the New Testament that many NT students can easily pick, read and understand, without getting lost in the mass of theological scholarship.

Furthermore, it is a summary of the introduction to all the NT books from the Conservative Evangelical perspective, which rightly affirms and asserts the full and infallible authority of Scriptures without compromise.

Another value of the book is that it begins its study with an introductory treatment of the basic considerations of biblical interpretation and exegesis in order to ensure a faithful proclamation of the Scriptures.

The features of the book included for every NT book are summary of contents, the background (authorship, provenance, date of writing and the original recipients of the book), survey of the book, the authorial purpose for writing the book under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and the contribution of each book to the overall biblical revelation/theology.

"This brief outline of the New Testament is an excellent tool for Christians desiring to get quick reference of the New Testament; being very appropriate for Bible study groups. Pastors and students would find the outlines useful as a starting point. Rev. Adegbola Michael Adeyemi has provided a useful tool for biblical understanding and so I highly recommended this book to all Bible lovers".

Prof. Mumo Kisau, Ph.D (New Testament Exegesis) University of Aberdeen, Scotland.
Vice-chancellor, Scott Christian University, Kenya.