Why God Permits the Suffering of the Righteous: An Exposition - Michael Adegbola

Why God Permits the Suffering of the Righteous: An Exposition

By Michael Adegbola

  • Release Date: 2019-12-19
  • Genre: Bible Studies
  • Size: 140.7 KB

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The small book titled "Why God Permits the Suffering of the Righteous: An Exposition" provides an expository insight into the subject of Christin sufferings, especially from the perspective of the New Testament and within the unified framework of biblical revelation. It begins its study by examining the sufferings of Jesus Christ in the Gospels as the basis for the sufferings of His own saints, who are co-heirs with Him in suffering and in glory. The study progresses to examine the perspective of the Acts of the Apostles and the epistles on the concept of the righteous sufferings of Gods saints.

From the analysis and synthesis of the biblical text-data provided (over 170 Scripture references within context), the author shows that God indeed does permit sufferings, persecutions and hardships in the lives of His saints, and by His own sovereign wisdom overrules and converts them to serve His good purpose. Therefore, the saints need not fear. It is also pointed out that God does discipline His saints for sins committed with distresses and hardships, but in view of making them partaking of His holiness.

The book is both systematically biblical and pastorally oriented in its methodological approach. About 30 biblically based propositional comments are made in all. Throughout, the author affirms and asserts the infallible authority of the Scripture.

Michael Adegbola
Expositor, Word Vision Impact Ministry International
Ibadan, Nigeria